James R. Journigan Sr.
James R. Journigan Sr.

From the Craftsman:

     Please allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Ray Journigan and I began reproducing period furniture in 1985.  Intriqued by the deep contrast between the intricacy and beauty of period furniture and the tools and methods available to achieve them, I set out to learn the craft of the period cabinetmaker.  It still amazes me that with all the modern technology and machinery available, it is the furniture made over 200 years ago that we still use to judge excellence by today.  

     It is not my intention to fictitiously age my furniture in an attempt to fool someone into thinking it is a true period piece; but rather to preserve the time honored craft and skill necessary to create such pieces that have stood the test of time.

     I truly enjoy every aspect of crafting a piece from start to finish which includes researching the project from my vast library of resource materials, meeting with museum curators, creating working drawings and using the same tools and techniques as the period craftsman to create such pieces.  

     All other aspects of the piece must be authentic as well.  Hardware must be true to the period.  Brasses are to be cast with their edges hand filed, irons should be forged, clock works must be handmade with hand painted or brass engraved dial faces.  Nails and fasteners should also follow suit.

     It is the intimate relationship between the client, craftsman, materials, and project selected that allows me to greatly enjoy the craft I have chosen to perfect.  It is for this reason I not only agree to, but highly encourage a visit to my shop.  I greatly enjoy having clients see not only what I have produced but the complete process taken to bring their piece to it's completion.

     As I have shipped all over the country, I often never get the chance to meet with the client in person.  While their piece gets the same care and efforts, I still feel they miss out on a good part of that client/craftsman relationship.  A part I truly enjoy.

     I am not in business to make as many pieces or as much money as I can in a year's time, but to derive the pleasure of immersing myself in the creation process it takes to produce these fine pieces.  

     I would appreciate the opportunity in serving you by creating that piece you have always wanted but were unable to obtain due to it's lack of availability or exuberant expense.  Please feel free to give me a call to discuss a piece you have in mind.  As I like to say, I love to talk shop!

Get in Touch

The Colonial Craftsman

Virginia Beach, VA 


Ray can be reached by calling 757-621-9861

or by email at mebacarver@msn.com

Shop Visits

Being a one man shop, Ray wears many hats and may not be in the shop at all times.  For this reason, visits to the shop are available by appointment only to ensure he is in at the time you wish to visit.  Several completed pieces are also available for viewing in the showroom.


Ray does not carry a "line" of furniture.  Any period piece may be faithfully reproduced.   You may have seen a piece that sold at auction, or one you may have seen on a recent visit to a historic home or museum.  Maybe you saw a picture in a book or magazine.  Ray carries an extensive library of resource materials, and has taken many photographs of pieces held in private collections.  Even if you wish to enlarge a set of chairs you currently have, Ray enjoys working closely with each client to ensure they aquire the piece that until now was simply unavailable.

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